Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects of homoeopathic medicine if prescribed according to the principles of homoeopathy. But if a medicine is taken for a long period without the consultation of a doctor it can produce its own symptoms. Sometimes there is aggravation after the first dose of the medicine. It is due to either high potency or frequent repetition of the medicine.
What is the time duration of the treatment?
There is no specific time duration of the treatment. If the patient is suffering from a chronic disease i.e. suffering from long time the treatment may take time.
Can I continue with my other medication that I have been taking previously?
Medicines for diseases like hypertension, heart problem, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism etc cannot be immediately stopped. So continuation of the other medication depends upon the problem and its duration.
People say that after taking homoeopathy the problem aggravates. Is it true?
No it is not always. It may aggravate in a few cases and that too depends upon many things i.e. whether a strong dose has been given or it has been repeated frequently or allopathic medication has been stopped abruptly.
Are all the diseases curable under homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is a wonderful science. It has the properties of curing all the problems. We see doctors curing cancer, AIDS, tumours, kidney problems, hepatitis etc with the help of medicines. This all depends upon the selection of the medicine. If one gets the best selected medicine he can be cured of the most difficult cases in a short time.
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